2024 AI Onboarding Chatbot only for Online Fitness Coaches

Why You Need This AI Chatbot:

Leads Generated for You: Chatbot engages with potential clients and converting them for you.

NO Time-Wasters: Spend your time where it matters – on real clients who are ready to commit!

More Clients, More Efficiently: Expand your client base without sacrificing quality.

Personalized Attention for Every Client: Show each client they’re your top priority.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity: The chatbot promotes lower commitment products, like your E-books, to clients not yet ready for 1-on-1 coaching.

What it does?

Lead Gen, Selling and Onboarding done for you. Leveraging communication channels: Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, WebChat and E-mail. 

Tailor-Made Responses: An AI clone of YOU, answering FAQs with your knowledge!

Seamless Integration: Works with CRM, Sheets, JotForms, and more.

Never Miss a Follow-Up: Automated, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Client Hand-Off: When your committed client is ready, you get hand offed

"Is it for me?"

It is for you only if you want to:

– scale your online coaching

– save time and money 

– give your existing and potential clients best experience

otherwise it is not for you.

"How much time it's gonna take me to get it ?"

  1. Share contact info (<1 min)
  2. Call (15min)
  3. test it (5-10 min)
  4. connect it (5 min)
  5. It’s done ( = 46min)

Ready to Elevate Your Fitness Coaching?

Get your AI Onboarding Chatbot today and transform the way you connect with clients!



On avg. saves 3 hrs a week
your hourly rate x 3 = Your Weekly Savings

"What's wrong with forms?"

oh where to start… 

Lost Clients Due to Lack of Engagement: Forms can’t interact like humans. This leads to a boring experience, driving potential clients away.

Money Lost with One-Size-Fits-All: Forms are too rigid. They fail to meet the unique needs of each client, causing you to lose potential business.

Opportunities Lost to High Abandonment Rates: Long forms are overwhelming. Clients often give up halfway, meaning you lose them.

Uncertainty and Errors Without Feedback: Forms don’t offer immediate responses. Users get confused, leading to mistakes and incomplete information.

Impersonal Forms Fail to Build Trust: They lack a conversational touch. This absence prevents a strong connection with potential clients.

Frustration from No Real-Time Help: When users need help, there’s no immediate support. This leads to incomplete forms and a negative first impression.

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