Never Miss a Lead Again, with
AI Sales Assistant

Bring costs down and profits up by leveraging AI in your lead generation and qualification process. 

More and Quality Leads

Transform landing page visit into a one-to-one conversation. With your AI Sales Assistant on your website, take advantage of conversational marketing, converting visitors into high-quality leads. Get more and better leads from the same traffic. 

Optimize Sales Process

Imagine a sales process where repetitive tasks are automated, data uncovers key insights, and every step is tuned for efficiency. With your AI Sales Assistant, each customer journey becomes a personalized experience, ensuring they’re not just heard, but understood.

Better Customer Support

The AI Sales Assistant is also into building long-lasting customer relationships. It addresses 80% of all questions in a personalized manner, making sure your team handles only the more complex issues. With 24/7 support, your customers are always a moment away from help.

Boost Profit, Reduce Cost

There are only a few times in history where you can reduce overhead, reduce payrolls, increase profits, and improve and scale your operations. And this is the time. Take advantage of this one-in-a-decade opportunity before you get left behind. You either Win with AI or Lose to AI.

Free Trial for 30 Days

“Love it or Leave it”

We believe in our product so much that if in 30 days of using it, you don’t completely love it, you don’t have to pay. You can apply for your free trial on your Free Discovery Call. 

This is your Risk-Free opportunity to take the first step into the AI Revolution.

How it works

When you book your Free Discovery Call, we will prepare a prototype of your own AI Sales Assistant, trained on your website and ready for you to try out.

This will provide you with a glimpse of what AI can achieve in your business.
We will address all your questions and concerns and help you understand our product.

On our second call, we’ll talk about what will be in the knowledge of your AI Sales Assistant, present the final workflows, and make any necessary tweaks to prepare it for development. 

We will build your AI Sales Assistant and have it prepared for testing by you and your team. If needed, we’ll optimize it based on your feedback and then deploy it. Deployment is simple; just copy a code snippet into the body of your website. We will offer guidance if required.

Your 30-day free trial begins the day you deploy your AI Sales Assistant. If, after 30 days, you don’t love it, you won’t owe us anything, no strings attached.

What is vexityAI

We are an AI Automation Agency specializing in tailored automation solutions to optimize lead generation processes and operations. We are AI enthusiasts and developers with over 1000+ hours of experience in this new technology, and we aim to build solutions that add value to businesses.

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