AI Sales Assistant

With Your Own Sales Assistant you will be able to Scale and Improve your lead generation, without increasing AdSpend, immediately.

Boost Profit, Reduce Cost

More Leads

People rather chat than submit forms.

More Engegament

Actively engaging visitors into conversation​

Quality Leads

FAQs answered by AI get rid of the time-wasters​


Your Sales Team will get ready to buy leads​

How it works

Your AI Sales Assistant can answer questions about your products and services. We achieve this by “training” the chatbot using data sources, such as websites, PDFs, text documents, and more. We’ll also optimize this knowledge base, ensuring your Sales Assistant responds accurately and in your preferred style.

We will get to know your sales operation. Based on that we will build workflows that the AI Sales Assistant will follow. And employ Marketing and Sales Tactics to ensure a high conversion rate and quality leads.

Once the knowledge base and workflows are tested and optimized, we will set up custom follow-up automations that will seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem.

Examples include CRM Automation, personalized follow-up emails, internal notifications, and much more.

After your AI Sales Assistant is set up, integration is a breeze. Simply copy a code snippet into the <body> of your website.

Money-Back Guarantee

“Love it or Leave it”

We believe in our product so much that if in 6 months you don’t like it, you can get all your money back. 

This is your Risk-Free opportunity to take the first step into the AI Revolution.

What is vexityAI

We are an AI Automation Agency specializing in tailored automation solutions to optimize lead generation processes and operations. We are AI enthusiasts and developers with over 1000+ hours of experience in this new technology, and we aim to build solutions that add value to businesses.

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