How AI Can Generate Leads for Your Business

What is a Lead Generation Chatbot?

A lead generation chatbot is a bot (AI bot or rule-based bot) that is designed to identify potential customers, collect their contact information and even spark their interest in products or services offered by the business.

Such bots use a conversational approach to marketing, gathering client information, and sharing business or product information as part of a natural conversational flow.

While up until recently, more structured and controlled rule-based chatbot “rules” the lead generation space.

Since the release of Open AI’s large language models (LLMS) like GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 which made access to AI integrations easier than ever before, the scales are beginning to tip.

Why are AI Chatbots Important to your Lead Generation Strategy?

1. Tailored Experiences

The conversion process on many websites is the same. There’s typically a CTA button or a generic-looking form asking for the visitor’s name, email address, phone number, and maybe a handful of other details. It’s no secret that forms aren’t exactly exciting — and (let’s face it) neither is the process of filling them out.

Generic conversion experiences aren’t just boring; they’re also ineffective. In fact, brands that fail to give a human touch to their virtual presence or provide any kind of memorable experience are very likely to drive people away from their websites.

We have all been there. However, conversational interfaces can prevent this.

Imagine landing on a website, and a sales chatbot is there to welcome you.

Having somebody waiting for you to answer is surprisingly compelling. Without even knowing how, users often find themselves slipping down the conversion funnel, learning just the information they need without having to look for it. The bot brings up the answers the user requests — nothing more, nothing less.

How precisely does this beat other lead generation techniques?

For example, when a visitor on our website indicates that they’re interested in trying our WhatsApp solution, a bot takes over, helping us collect visitor data and assess which plan is best suited for the prospective customer.

This way, we are able to respond with appropriate content/steps and a personalized journey for each and every lead that shows interest.

So simple.

SO effective.


2. Increased Engagement

One of the most challenging parts of turning a site visitor into a lead is keeping them engaged with your brand long enough to show them why you’re the right choice for their needs.

This is no easy deed in today’s bleak attention economy!

Decorating your lead generation website or landing page with long walls of text is not the best way to accomplish this. The text can be helpful, sure. But most people find information-based pages on a brand’s website a little overwhelming — and often a bit off-putting.

So, no matter how well-written and helpful these pages might be, it’s tough to make them interesting for visitors.

Sales chatbots can transform this experience. Instead of expecting visitors to read paragraph upon paragraph of text, skimming to find the details that are relevant to them, chatbots deliver the relevant data to the prospects through a simple conversational interchange.

Instead of linking to a separate page or complex resources and expecting this user to continue the customer journey on their own, the bot helps the prospect find a tailored solution as any shopping assistant would do in the real world. Hence the customer engages instead of searching endlessly for the right answers.

This lets the user learn about the product and all that goes into customizing it in a conversational way that’s far more engaging than a wall of text.

With this approach, you can transform researching your brand from a tedious task to an enjoyable experience — one that your targeted audiences are likely to remember.


3. Higher Conversion Rates

The most important types of conversion — especially for B2B websites — are lead form submissions. The information they collect in these forms is what turns casual visitors into prospects, and can ultimately translate into valuable partnerships and sales.

Unfortunately, generating leads or any kind of conversion can be challenging. In fact, the average website conversion rate is just 2.35%. That’s not great news, especially for businesses looking to use their websites as a key part of their marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

But just because the average is low doesn’t mean that your site’s conversion rates have to be as well. Replacing standard forms with chatbots for your website can be the perfect solution.

Distractions from the main call-to-action on your site serve as the biggest obstacle to more conversions.

But when you focus your landing page or lead page on a chatbot — or draw users to your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger account — you eliminate those distractions and get users to focus solely on engaging with that bot.

Conversational Design, one of our customers, was able to increase conversion rates of chatbot leads to over 40%, compared to an average of 2.35% landing page conversion rate.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should replace your entire strategy with a chatbot. 

But it does go to show that making the conversion process the most compelling part of your site — in form of a conversation — can have a massive impact on your ability to earn new leads.

And, as your chatbot collects data from your customers in the form of simple, straightforward questions, all of that information can be sent directly to your CRM or sales platform.


4. Convenience

There are many factors at play in any B2B purchasing decision. Your potential clients want to know:

  • What you have to offer;
  • How much it’s going to cost them;
  • What can they expect in return;
  • How you stack up to your competitors;
  • And more.

In most cases, your website will only be one stop along the way as users research and evaluate all of their options. So, if you want them to ultimately determine that your company is the right choice, you need to make sure they stick around long enough to get the information they need to come to that conclusion.

That’s often easier said than done.

In fact, the average user only visits 2.6 pages on a website as they browse. This means that if your site is like most, the majority of visitors aren’t even making it through three entire pages before leaving! Chatbots can change this on several different levels. For example, by:

  • Giving users a reason to stay by letting them find out what they need without having to wait around for the next page to load;
  • Providing prospects with a conversational interface that feels comfortable on mobile phones without the need for expensive redesigns;

Taking the conversation to the user by transferring the chat to apps they already use, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And so, by consequence, be able to contact them whenever and wherever they are.


5. Real-Time Reactions

Contrary to popular belief, chatbots are not intended to replace human employees. To be honest, they are most effective when used as a touchpoint along the customer journey, which, ultimately, helps sales and support teams get in touch with prospects and customers more quickly and efficiently.

For example, conversation bots that are designed to replace lead generation forms are excellent at asking basic qualifying questions as well as saving user data in real-time.

The real-time element allows you to integrate your human team into your chatbot lead generation strategy.

You can design your bot to ask relevant questions to identify complex customer issues or high-quality leads. Once the customer fulfills the parameters, the bot will promptly transfer it, not only to a human agent but to the right human agent, avoiding chain handoff from person to person.

This system markedly lowers customer frustration from being passed on from one person to another, having to explain the situation repeatedly. 

What this AI Chatbot in Action

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